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Everyone would love a personal trainer, but the expense is upwards of $1,000 a month or more for just 3 days per week. That’s where ReforgeFit offers the most value in building the body you always wanted – for a fraction of the price – with semi-private personal strength training.

ReforgeFit specializes in semi-private personal training sessions that are designed to give you a comprehensive, full-body strength training program that builds energy, stamina and power, while focusing on your target weight and overall fitness goals. Our “always-arm’s-length,” personal trainers will go the extra mile to ensure you get a challenging workout with proper, personal guidance for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one personal trainer.

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SUCCESS SPEAKS - ReforgeFit (formerly BodyForge Fitness)

Laurie Frankhouser
Laurie Frankhouser
I have been attending Body Forge for three years now, love it and wanted to share some thoughts. Body Forge has been my first experience lifting weights and a group training environment. I am in my 60’s and had bone loss which has greatly improved. Vinny is an exceptional trainer and as a newbie to this and a senior I so appreciate Vinny’s knowledge and willingness to accommodate me with alternative movements if I can’t do something. I am also challenged beyond what I thought I could do. I have always felt comfortable at Body Forge. No matter what your age or workout level you have to check out this gym!!
Deana Elliott
Deana Elliott
BodyForge Fitness offers high quality semi-private workout sessions in a clean, professional, and community oriented environment. The training is top notch with a keen focus on safety, form and strength improvement. Vinny and his training team are the best!
Steve Cano
Steve Cano
Excellent place for working out with safety in mind! Vinnie and Boris are great for motivating you to work your butt off! Definitely would recommend Body Forge for changing to a healthy lifestyle. Very helpful also in talking over meal plans for you!!
Grailee Caldwell
Grailee Caldwell
i absolutely loved my time working out at bodyforge! vinny and boris are super helpful, caring and knowledgeable, definitely feels like a second home. along with showing you how to master each workout, they also give you a nutritional plan to follow to meet your personal goals! with daily weigh in’s and consistency i’m sure anyone would see results. overall a terrific place to workout! 💪🏼🏋️‍♀️
Chris Wangsgard
Chris Wangsgard
I’ve been going to this gym now for a cumulative time of about 3 years. By far my favorite gym EVER! Vinny and his crew are amazing. I would find myself actually looking forward to going to the gym every day. Awesome workouts that give amazing results. They cater to a range of fitness levels/experience so don’t be scared away if you are new to weight training. And the workouts can be just as brutal as you could imagine so it’s also great for experienced gym-goers. Vinny knows how to push you beyond what you thought you could achieve, all in a very safe and controlled setting. I have seen my strength increase more here in a shorter time period than any other program/gym I’ve tried. When I first joined back in 2016, I signed up for their 6 week challenge they had going at that time, and I achieved amazing results. After that I kept coming back week after week because of the results I was getting from their programming and the amount of fun I was having in the process. Nutritional plans are also included, of course, since nutrition is a very important piece of the fitness puzzle. Give this gym a try, you won’t be disappointed!
Michele Hutchinson
Michele Hutchinson
This gym impressed me from day one. Vinny and his trainers were engaging, motivating, and encouraging. I felt at home at this gym and get pushed to improve. I feel a lot stronger since working out there and would totally recommend it to anyone looking to build strength and get toned.
Alice Roe
Alice Roe
I started with Body Forge in 2016 because I wanted to lose weight, get in shape and gain muscle. They gave me a meal plan that was easy to follow and has influenced how I eat today. I lost weight and have kept it off for 3 plus years. I am also more muscular and feel great! The trainers are the best, very caring and make weight training fun. The people that attend the classes are super nice too. I highly recommend Body Forge to anyone who wants to improve their health and lifestyle.
Shital Patel
Shital Patel
What a great place to work out! I started with the 6 week challenge, lost the weight and have become much stronger than I ever imagined being. The best part of this fitness center are the coaches. They are very supportive and there for you each step of the way. I highly recommend giving BodyForge a go.


At ReforgeFit, we understand the goals of each individual. We put together an easy-to-follow plan that allows you to hit your target weight while building strength and muscle.

If you require extra guidance on calories, macronutrients, or different diets that interest you, let us know. We’ll provide the education and make required modifications while remaining as flexible as you need us to be… without compromising your fitness goals.



ReforgeFit fitness always includes an accountability system that keeps you on target with your weight and goals, including education and insights about fitness, nutrition and self-accountability. Anyone can put you through circuit training and intense cardio sessions as they focus on your body weight – NOT at ReforgeFit. We focus on weekly measurements and fat loss, not weight loss. We have developed proven systems that ensure you are on the right track with the right mindset, and the right accountability partner.

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