ReforgeFit Open Access is a great way to almost have a gym all to yourself so you can keep your head focused on your body’s progress.

If you need a gym with 24/7 access, 365 days a year, then ReforgeFit’s Open Access program can be the right fit for any member and/or anyone that is looking for privacy and dedicated equipment without the hassles of waiting for the next person. We just ask open-access members to train anytime outside our regular class schedules.

Our open-access gym is 100% secured with auto-locked doors, cameras, and infrared technology to keep our members safe. What’s more, we employ the best of tech to make it easy for you to enter the gym whether you’re a midnight deadlifter, can’t sleep at 2:00 AM, or love working out in the afternoon. You have access around the clock.

We offer the following membership options for Open Access-

Open Gym – add-on to any strength training membership or “a la carte”

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