ReforgeFit has an all-in solution that helps you get to where your body wants to be. It’s all your choice. Our semi-private personal training program comes complete with personalized nutrition plans, body measurements, and accountability that keeps you motivated and ready to move forward. The best part? NO CONTRACTS! The only long term commitment is your desire to change.

Every monthly membership includes


Our membership packages depend on the number of training sessions (“Classes”) you want to have each week. Every membership is month-to-month. Why no commitment? Because everyone deserves a great program. If you don’t feel we are a good fit for you, we don’t want you to be stuck. BUT, you’ll love it. And we know you will. 

We offer the following membership and program packages-

Small Group Personal Training

We offer strength training classes in small groups, where you are lead by a personal trainer you share with a few others.

Open Gym

Open Gym is 24/7, 365. We promise you'll never wait for a rack again. Our Open Gym members LOVE not waiting for equipment and the privacy they truly want to complete a workout.

Reforge500 Pushup Challenge

Learn what it takes to complete 500 pushups in 1 hour. This bodyweight challenge is designed for those who want to loose weight, get extremely toned, and feel stronger than ever! Coming SOON!


Our nutritional guide and measurement program comes with every membership. BUT, for those who want a little more and more from their nutrition program, ReforgeFit has it all. From beginning nutritional plans to full scale weekly programs, including recipes and more, ReforgeNutrition is a perfect compliment with or without the training.​

ReforgeFit | Fierce. Stronger. Ahead.
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